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Announcement #1

Updated: May 15, 2023

Announcements: 1) The West Side Story CAST page on our website—password is changed to: Docs23 There will be a blog on this page with all announcements in one place in case you don't see the emails. The first post is the Rehearsal Schedule and Scenes 2) Monday, May 15th is our first meeting. It is a read through from 5:30 – 7:00 pm in the gymnasium. Please make sure you can make it. Scripts will be handed out. If you cannot, kindly email Mrs. Lutz. We will be casting for some lead Ladies on Monday at 5:00 pm. All company members who are interested, please come at 5:00 pm. We also would like the Lead Jet Ladies and the Lead Shark Ladies to come at 5:00 pm too. We need to see you dance again, so we will ask you to do the ‘Cool’ audition dance again. (We do not need Maria, Anita, Tony, Bernardo or Riff to come at 5, please arrive at 5:30 pm.) 3) Participation Fees are due on Monday. $495 payable to Howell PAL Theater Company. Check or Cash accepted. The Howell PAL accounts office handles all the finances for our show—we do not. They do not accept credit cards. You may pay in full or half. If you need further arrangements, please kindly contact Cindy Lutz: 4) The rehearsal schedule is complete. It is a projected schedule. Due to conflicts, we are adding TWO MONDAYS to our schedule, and you will see days that we will not be having rehearsals. Please make every attempt to rearrange your schedule to include these two dates. Monday, May 22nd replaces Wednesday, May 24th Monday, June 5th replaces Thursday, June 8th 5) Finally, please understand our goal is to accomplish music, dance and blocking at every rehearsal and move on to the next scene. Our goal is to have two complete weeks to run before we arrive at the Strand. We ask that you make it a high priority to attend all rehearsals that you are called. Please prepare in advance with the music on our website. Saturdays will be Full Cast rehearsals. The company members will be assigned scenes and roles so that you know whether you are a Jet or a Shark, and some instances, both. We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday! Here we go! West Side Story comes to the Jersey Shore! Ms. Bryck and Mrs. Lutz

Scenes WSS
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